About Us

Craig has had over 30 years of creative experience in the service industry focusing on floral design, event planning and cooking.​He's had many successful retail floral shops. A native Californian, Craig is originally from Santa Barbara and has a passion for cooking..

John has had an extensive career as a multidisciplinary graphic designer working on many significant projects in design and advertising. John was raised in the Washington D.C. area. He studied design in San Francisco.​ Craig and John offer their clients a unique blend of talent and bring a high standard of professionalism to their projects.

Whether you are working, on the go, retired or laid back... Chores, shopping, meals and errands can pile up. We provide cooking, floral design and party planning in the Coachella Valley.
what we do best

Our Services

Chef Services
Craig and staff make fresh and wholesome food from scratch. Fresh and wholesome ingredients go into every dish. We do all of the shopping, prep and cooking.
Floral Design
Craig’s beautiful displays are a timeless way to add decoration in your home, at a special event or as a gift for someone you love.
Party planning
Whether it’s a dinner party or event, we take care of everything. Take the guesswork out of your next event and Let Craig Do It.